Saturday, 19 March 2011

Some Oldies

I thought I'd post some of my pre-Christmas stuff. 

Take your elephant to Glastonbury

This is a crop of a Uni project involving creating some packaging for Pears' Soap to be distributed at Glastonbury. I wanted to make it fun and colourful, with the elephant perhaps suggesting a hint at diversity?


For this piece, I used Theodore Roethke's poem "Dolor" as a starting point. I decided to focus on the poem's themes of duplication to suggest the importance of individuality and being different. 


Another Uni brief here. We had to illustrate Roald Dahl's crocky-woc. 

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  1. Sally, your work is just amazing, I'm looking at it all with my jaw down to my knees!!

    So talented! Im rather jealous!!!! x