Friday, 25 March 2011

New(ish) Stuff!

For my next series of pieces, I decided to refer back to an old Uni project where we were given 'generic' words an phrases to create illustrations. One of the words that I decided to use as a starting point for my next few pieces was 'Planning.' Beyond the corporate bunk I found a better meaning and use for the word. I decided to think of it from a child's point of view: planning to be something when you grow up. As a child, we tend to have much greater ambition, as our naivety doesn't allow us to get bogged down with that 'realistic' view of life that adulthood brings. 

"I will fly a rocket"

I had a vague memory of making rockets out of used kitchen roll tubes as a child and decided to base this illustration on it. I wanted to add a crafted look to the image, so I used a large amount of scanned-in elements for various parts of the composition. I used real glitter for the sky, and materials for the girl's dress. 

"I want to be an astronaut"

This piece went through a few different phases - in some versions, the girl has a box on her head instead of what is perhaps a more conventional pan. I feel I tend to use a large amount of colour and felt the need to experiment with using a limited palette for a change. The sky was made out of an old stamp I found, printed and scanned in at 4000 dpi (poor scanner!)

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