Friday, 25 March 2011


I decided to create two pieces for the Eggmag Illustration Competition . However, I had massive issues when emailing the pieces to them - seems like their inbox is full, so looks like they're not going to see them after all! Never mind, eh?

The brief asked for an eye-catching image focusing on the benefits of having more trees in cities. 

Trees make us happy?

This first piece is probably the most "fun" - and my least favourite! A friend of mine told me that trees are scientifically proven to make people happy, so I wanted to create something simple showing some rather funky characters having a nice time around the trees. I owe the idea of the woman stretching her calves against a tree to a mate of mine who gave me the idea (I do nowhere near enough exercise as I should so I'm not educated in these matters ;) .) The character's hair is actually a scan of my own, is that weird?

London Underground

Personal fave due to its concept, although I think it's probably too far from the brief... I came up with the idea whilst on an East Midlands train the other day, I was staring at the map and thinking "this looks like a tree! I wonder if the London Underground map does too?" 

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