Monday, 22 September 2014

Urban Autumn

I created another illustration that continues with my Autumn theme from last week's work.

I opted for a minimal colour palette once again but using a slightly different colour scheme then what I'm used to - I tend to go for greens and orange/reds as a safe option that I'm comfortable working with. Instead, I chose a small colour palette using blues, reds and yellow hues. I wanted to use a mixture of cold colours, such as the blue-greys that appear in the background, softened by the warmth of the reds and yellowish skin hues of the woman.

I limited my use of texture from my previous style of working - instead creating texture from mark making techniques rather than scanned in images of material, paper, etc that I'm used to. I also wanted to focus more on line and shape - using a strong mixture of the two to create a vibrant, striking image, hopefully still retaining the character of my previous work.

Enjoy =)

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