Wednesday, 25 September 2013

More trip inspired stuff... 'The Cafe'

I've got two websites under my belt now but they're not live yet so I can't share them. They've taken up most of my illustration time in the last 3 weeks but I've managed to squeeze in some more Europe-trip work. 

I wanted to draw a street scene and started sketching a mashup of building styles I saw along the way, featuring buildings I saw in Bratislava, Brugge, Prague and Gdansk. I got this far with it and decided to choose one place rather than a mix of places - I'll save this piece for another time. 

I used part of Gdansk main town for my final image, and I tried to make the buildings seem more organic with less straight edges and right angels than my previous attempt. I also included a character in a cafe... as I loved going to cafes and people watching on my travels :)

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