Friday, 7 October 2011

A boy arrives... almost

A Boy Arrives, by Stephen James

This is a book jacket that was commissioned by up-and-coming children's author Stephen James, and is an absolutely gorgeous read. I finished this ages ago, just waiting for it to be printed. It is also being put onto the kindle, but as I'm far too impatient, I've decided to upload it now :) 

"For Grimwood Streep, life at Dunnydark Hall has lost some of its sparkle. The cook produces nothing but mulligatawny soup for breakfast, lunch and tea. His butler needs dusting, and he hasn't had a visitor since 1977.

But things are about to change. One sunny morning, a boy arrives, and life will never be the same again…

Longlisted in The Times/Chicken House competition for 'Best Children's Book,' A Boy Arrives is a hilarious and good natured romp that is sure to delight children of all ages."

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